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All prices in this catalogue are in EUROS per piece (or per meter if wire etc.) if not indicated otherwise and plus shipping.

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Produktbild Finally available again, a rectangular tube for the scopeclock.
4MP1, US-mil. surplus, 10cm / 4" diagonal, works flawlessly on our scopeclock kit
Socket include, price each is EUR 41,18/49,00 (excl./incl. VAT)

More photos and data is online at our Scopeclockpage
Produktbild Compact cathode bias electrolytic, made by FT, 47uF (50uF), 250V, authentic size of 12*26mm, made by FTCap in Germany.
More details on our cap page.
Many of you know our cloth covered hookup wire already, they are still available in nine colors of cotton braid.
Now there is something better available: Our cable guy found a stranded wire with a high tech insulation sleeve which is very thin
but rated at 1000VAC (10000V AC test voltage), this results in very high electric reliability at about the same diameter as the old wires.
We offer those per meter in nine colors.
More details, photos, pricing is online on our cable page.

Produktbild New offers:
The power tube 6146(A/B) is harder an harder to be found in decent quality.
But it is still in use in plenty of Hamradio transceivers.
There is a military pulse-rated version which has a lower plate dissipation nominally - but only nominally for a simple reason: This was intended for high peaks at high voltages and reverse-emission from a heated up plate had to be avoided in all cases so the plate was specified to run colder - thus the nominally lower plate dissipation ratio taking into account a situation that does not occur in ham radio gear...

This version is in stock, we can offer 6293 USA, NOS, NIB, former mil stock, measured and protocoled. Price is EUR 33,53/39,90 each (net/ incl.Tax).

Matched pairs cost EUR 74,96/89,20 (net/incl. Tax).

In case you also need a new driver 12BY7A: NOS EUR 20,00/23,80 (net/incl. Tax)

The amateur DA5DAR has examined the tube in comparison with various other versions of the 6146, his result, after thorough examination, also regarding intermodulation: The 6293 is a really nice tube to be used in transceivers.

With his friendly support I am able to offer his results (in german but a translator will help you...) here.
Produktbild Another new offer:
We got a bunch of US made B7971 huge alphanumerical nixies.
That was quite a spectacular find that does not happen every day.
They were pacekd in original packing crates but we do not know if and if yes how many hours they have on their clock.
So we lit them up and measured them thoroughly, segment by segment, of course we also documented this, again segment by segment...
Here you will find a PDF with photos showing us what exactly we did..

From stock we can offer B7971 USA measured and checked and running smoothly, EUR 199,00 / 236,81 (net/with tax)

Our stock is large enough for FLW projects or similar

What´s new ?

Stock situation:

As you know or can imagine stock and also market in general has not improved, we work hard to fulfill your enquires and orders in a way that suits us both.
This works best with good communication so feel free to contact us with your enquiries and questions.

Recently we have aquired very nice lots of parts, tubes, etc. Yes, we know, inventory and this website is not totally up to date but the parts we got are on hand.
And we also know where they have hidden in our warehouse :-)
We work really hard on new lists, inventorised stock is far more than what we display here.
So if you need any tubes or tube-electronics related parts you do not find here - drop us a mail please.

We stopped selling via ebay. You, as you read this text already know where to find us in real life.
It has shown that our product range does not match well with an anonymous market place. Our parts from ancient times
deserve being sold and supported in an old fashioned "over the counter" store such as this website.

As long as stock lasts you will get everything we had on ebay directly here - and much, much more.

Short links:

High voltage electrolytics, screw-, clamp- or axial mount can be found here: Cap page

Authenticap-US-Style four prong twistmount caps are here

And our range of economy line 1500V film caps, also as assortment is found :here

Also in stock
  1. Selenium rectifiers, NOS, B250C125M, EUR 14,20 / 16,90 (net / incl. VAT)
  2. Seed case Tube crates, wooden, from the former Telefunken tube works, for 100 tubes 12AX7 to 6BQ5 style, EUR 14,45 / 17,20 (net / incl. VAT)
  3. C-Core sets, size SU 60, with 2 core-halves, bobbin holder and mounting strap, UK made, EUR 14,20 / 16,90 (net / incl. VAT)
  4. Absolutely flawless EM34 Magic eye tubes, Siemens, EUR 130,- / 154,70 (net / incl. VAT)

Please enquire if you miss anything.
We will put more details online as soon as we can.

In this spirit, stay brave and healthy !!

Jan Wüsten and the whole team of Ask Jan First :-)

New triple electrolytics with minus on solder lug and screw mount

Almost everbody knows the classic radio screw mount caps with minus on can, we also sell a large assortment of those.
We expanded the range now with triple electrolytics in compact screw mount cans - sure they can also be clamp mounted
Those do have minus on a separate solder lug.

Brand new series, all made in the highest voltage range of 550VWkg / 600V surge, Quality made in Germany. Those caps also replace three-prong twistmounts on compact chassis.
Use in jukeboxes, tuners, like the Marantz-7, etc.

In stock:

KON66D16: 16+16+16 uF at 550V:
KON66D20: 20+20+20 uF at 550V, Special one for Marantz 7
KON66D50: Multi purpose, 50+50+50 uF at 550V,
More details on the electrolytics catalog page

Those caps really fill a gap between the "normal" screw mount caps and the four-prong twistmount Authenticaps.

New series of FTCap screw mount electrolytics.
Until now all twin and triple screw mount caps follow German tradition with minus on can.
This can cause trouble if you need a solder lug with minus UNDER the chassis and this is why
we extended the product range. Beside the single section 16,32 and 50uF caps which always have had and will ever have
minus on a separate solder lug we stocked up and extended our assortment: 16+16 ; 32+32; 50+50 and 100uF single caps are
now available as fully shrink-sleeved screw mount caps. Those replace single and double section three prong twistlocks nicely

For prices and details please see the catalogue page :-)

New high performance film capacitors in twistmount cans

Voltage limit of electrolytics is 550V, 600 surge, that´s it.
So there is demand for higher voltage ratings, for DHT amps, transmitters and wherever electrolytics run hot on their limit.
Often the old style PIO and film caps are to large in size so we really went into the process of producing something smaller, more compact.
And here it is:
In the well known Authenticap style we can supply two twin-film-caps, with isolated can and all terminals accessible so they can be connected as desired
If you do not want to mount them with the twist lugs you can also clamp mount them with ordinary35mm clamps.

So here we go:

KTF50: TWO independant 50uF 630V Film caps, you can use them individually, you can parallel them to 100uF or in series to 25uF 1260V. As the can is isolated this is also a perfect cap for floating supplied, multipliers, etc.
Available from stock. Datasheet Price EUR 48,70 / 57,95 ( net / incl. VAT)

KTF16: TWO independant 16uF 630V Film caps, you can use them individually, you can parallel them to 32uF or in series to 8uF 1260V. As the can is isolated this is also a perfect cap for floating supplied, multipliers, etc.
Available from stock Datasheet Price EUR 34,90 / 41,53 k ( net / incl. VAT)

Produktbild Grown range of economy line: Those axial audio grade film caps are rated 1500V.
This is a reasonable expansion of our stock line of HighGrade caps offering good performance at
very reasonable prices.
The range has been extended and refined and we sell them as assortments as well as by piece now.
All details here.

Produktbild Flash news from the Scopeclockland:
PID-Module as add-on to our scopeclock kit: This switches the tube dark whenever there is nobody close enough to look at her.

This simple measure prolonges tube life enormously.
Those run excellently with our scopeclock-kit.
All information on our scopeclockpage.
Mini-Scopetubes for use in Marantz tuners etc.
Brand new Telefunken tubes, really cool looking blue phosphor, a true eyecatcher !!!
All information on our scopeclockpage.
6 G-E12A
NOS Japanese magic eye, "made of pure unobtanium"
This is a very, very rare Japanese magic eye used in the Fisher 100-R tuner, the Sansui Tube Receiver M250etc.
Screen is close to the common 6CD7 but it is - very uniquely - rectangular in shape.
Price is EUR 194,- / EUR 230,86 (incl./excl. VAT.)
Produktbild Sikatrops and similar PIO caps
Newly arrived is a stock of hermetically sealed, NOS German made capacitors of military quality.
In one of the most often needed rating of 50nF (.05uF) at 700V. Ideal coupling
and blocking caps both for repair and new construction.
They have been measured both for isolation and capacitance and are - flawless - !
We can supply them measured with results and also matched.
Made in the 40s and 50s by Siemens, SABA, Hydra, Frako.
Item code KORH503: 50nF 700V EUR 3,28/3,90 (net / incl.VAT)
Cost per piece for specially measured ones: 1,43/ 1,70 EUR (net / incl.VAT)
Cost for selection of pairs: 4,37/ 5,20 EUR (net / incl.VAT)
Those are wonderful coupling caps.

Produktbild There have been quite a few customers asking for an Authenticap with more microfarads so we are
happy to introduce the KTL41 two section four prong twistlock Authenticap with 200+50uF at 500V in a compact
40*66 mm can. This is about the same size like the well known KTL9, just a tiny bit longer.
Another new Authenticap is the KTL40, a multi purpose high capacitance Authenticap and the small and nice
KTL50 which provides heater filtering for example under the crammed full chassis of the Marantz7.
All details including the datasheet are found at the Authenticap-page.
Another special offer
Telefunken EL84 <> diamond bottom, used, measured and analysed, rated
100%, also with detailed test sheets.

Per piece EUR 49,- net / EUR 58,31 incl. VAT (for EU inhabitants)
Per matched pair EUR 105,- net / EUR 124,95 incl. VAT (for EU inhabitants)
Per matched quad EUR 215,- net / EUR 255,85 incl. VAT (for EU inhabitants)
The famous TFK YL1350 powerhorse. NOS, fresh in their boxes, like directly from the factory.
This is an 80W power tube with a transconductance of 22.0000 umhos... Octal base so no problem to use it.

Produktbild The family of vintage style electrolytics has grown: 2500uF 100V screw mount is an often needed type for use in early transistorised studio equipment.
This one is pretty compact having a 30*45 diameter * lenght can so it also replaces the older 40V version usually of same size. See all details on the electrolytics cataloguepage.
Produktbild Motor running capacitor 48uF 100V used in Klemt Echolette etc. They are almost always to be replaced but hardly found.
Now we are able to supply this one from the shelf, freshly made in Germany. See all details on the electrolytics cataloguepage.

Stock clearance
We do still have a huge stash of 1950-60s tube radio chassis, mainly of german make.
To throw those away would hurt us so we sell them for parts.
Each of those will contain at least
- The power transformer, mostly multi-primary.
- The chassis with tube sockets, small parts, push buttons, IF-Filters, binding posts etc.
- The variable capacitor, usually air tuned, 2-4 sections
This is an excellent point to start if you want to tinker with tubes, no need for
sheet metal work and chassis bending.
The photo shown here shows examples, sorry, we can not pick specific chassis for you.
Price per chassis: EUR 5 / 5,95 ( net / incl. VAT)
Order code: Chassis-1

New item:
Same as above, includes also the output transformer.
Easisest start for a small tube amplifier project.
Price per chassis: EUR 10,- / EUR 11,90 ( net/ incl VAT)
Order code: Chassis-2

PLEASE CONTACT US for shipping cost, those are fairly heavy but we will work out the best
possible shipping rates for you.

Out of the job training of electronics experts we can offer a kit for a double power supply unit with
LM317 regulators. This is a very nice project to show kids and teenagers electronics
The board is really generous in size, easy to solder.
Kit contains of the circuit board and the parts to populate it.
Additionally you will need a suitable transformer, a cable power supply ( like those used for laptop computers
or a suitable wall wart.
This is not a toy, experts must be present when this kit is being assembled.
Take note: all documentation is in German language - though the circuit diagram is quite self explaining.
Price per set: EUR 5,00 / EUR 5,95 ( excl./incl. VAT), Order code: K317 Link to documentation.

Produktbild AF 8499 Seven segment display
This is an intersting display using ordinary miniature light bulbs and a bundle of fibers to
display each segment with four individual dots.
Very interesting for clock builders or collectors.
Digit size: ca. 6 x 12 mm.
Operating voltage ca. 6 V DC (+5...+9 V)

This is a former military sparepart.
as surplus, usually one bulb has burnt out
It´s easy to disassemble the display but replacing the bulb is a bit of tinkering.
Hardcore-solders are free to fit super bright LED....
We always supply six pcs plus one free for spare bulbs.
Price for one sixpack: EUR 12,-/EUR14,28 (excl./incl. MWSt.)
Produktbild NOS Elektrika (FTCap brand) antique film caps.
Beside those already listed ones we can now supply more types of those famous and sought-after capacitors.
Those are wonderful caps for tube circuits.

For details see our High Grade film cap page ( bottom of page)

Produktbild New HighGrade Precision film caps.
Our series of High grade film caps had started at 1000pF in the past. Now, finally, we can also supply them in smaller capacitances: 47pF to 820pF at 1000V and 2% Tolerance as Polypropylene-film caps.
Those complement the existing series so you have all caps available from 47pF to 100uF in precision Polypropylene. German made quality !!

For product details see our High Grade Capacitor page.

Triple variable caps, Item KON0089B

NOS triple air variable caps, 3*330pF, superficial corrosion due to non-perfect storage without
influence to function, turn easily and softly, 1:1, no gear. F
Price each: 8,32/ 9,90 EUR (net / incl.VAT))
Produktbild Real Western Electric NOS Electrolytics

Measured 10uF 400V original Western Electric Electrolytics, unused military stock. Item KONWE10
price each: 20,17/ 24,00 EUR (net / incl.VAT)
Want a soda ? Looks like looking at those 2C39BA /7289.
Finest military quality, packed hermetically, mostly in sealed cans.
The 100W triode 7289/3CX100A5/ 2C39BA is used a lot in power PAs
It can also be used in powerfull audio amplifiers. Sure, a bit difficult to cool and one sees no glow but consider: A 100W Triode at this price...

NOS, NIB 7289 = 2C39BA at our special price: EUR 15,92/ EUR18,95 (net / incl. VAT)
Ask for quantity discounts.

Real NOS 1L6 for sale, Made by Sylvania, OEM by Siemens for the Swiss military,
brand new in original boxes. Use in Zenith Transoceanic, Hallicrafters etc. EUR 18,- / 21,42 each ( net/ VAT included)

UL41 found in many AC/DC receivers from Europe, like Philips Philetta, NOS from military stock, EUR 24,00,- / 28,56 each ( net/ VAT included)
New Control a magic eye tuning indicator digitally (project includes controller IC)
New board and parts, More information here:
High quality shrink sleeve and tinned copper wire to realise your point-to-point wired projects. Sold by the meter.
    EUR excl.
EUR incl.
CUSN06 tinned coppe wire, 0,6mm 0,30 0,36
CUSN12 Tinned copper wire 1,2mm, very easy to use, soft and comfortable. 1,20 1,43
SSS3 Shrinksleeve, polyolefine, ratio 1:2, diameter not-shrinked: 3mm 0,30 0,36
SSS5 Shrinksleeve, polyolefine, ratio 1:2, diameter not-shrinked: 5mm 0,33 0,39
SSS8 Shrinksleeve, polyolefine, ratio 1:2, diameter not-shrinked: 8mm 0,40 0,48
SSS10 Shrinksleeve, polyolefine, ratio 1:2, diameter not-shrinked: 10mm 0,50 0,60
SSS15 Shrinksleeve, polyolefine, ratio 1:2, diameter not-shrinked: 15mm 0,60 0,71
SSS20 Shrinksleeve, polyolefine, ratio 1:2, diameter not-shrinked: 20mm 0,80 0,95

Special tube sale

All those tubes are true NOS tubes, many many of them Telefunken and all of them major brands.
Type Brand Comment                      
      1 pc net 1 pc / VAT incl.   10pcs net 10pcs VAT included   50pcs net 50pcs incl VAT   100 pcs net 100 pcs VAT incl
5678 USA   3,90 4,64   3,00 3,57   2,60 3,09   2,20 2,62
0 B 3 USA   3,20 3,81   2,50 2,98   2,00 2,38   1,50 1,79
0 D 3 RCA   4,40 5,24   4,00 4,76   3,70 4,40   3,50 4,17
1 AD 4 Telefunken   3,00 3,57   2,60 3,09   2,40 2,86   2,20 2,62
12 SG 7 USA (RCA)   3,00 3,57   2,20 2,62   1,90 2,26   1,20 1,43
1S5 USA / RCA   2,00 2,38   1,60 1,90   1,30 1,55   0,99 1,18
3 D 6 USA interesting for audio 6,00 7,14   4,90 5,83   4,20 5,00   3,90 4,64
6 AH 6 WA USA   4,50 5,36   4,00 4,76   3,50 4,17   2,20 2,62
75 C 1 Philips Holland   2,23 2,65   1,50 1,79   1,00 1,19   0,55 0,65
CK 1005 USA   4,00 4,76   2,20 2,62   1,50 1,79   0,90 1,07
DF 61 Telefunken   3,00 3,57   2,50 2,98   2,20 2,62   1,80 2,14
DF 91 Telefunken   3,00 3,57   2,50 2,98   2,20 2,62   1,60 1,90
E 180 F Philips Holland interesting for audio 8,00 9,52   7,00 8,33   5,50 6,55   4,90 5,83
EBF 21 div   5,90 7,02   5,20 6,19   4,00 4,76   3,20 3,81
EBF 80 Telefunken really interesting type 3,20 3,81   3,05 3,63   2,50 2,98   2,20 2,62
ECF 801 Siemens   3,20 3,81   3,00 3,57   2,80 3,33   2,40 2,86
ECF 802 AEG / Siemens interesting for audio 2,50 2,98   2,20 2,62   2,00 2,38   1,60 1,90
ECL 80 Telefunken interesting for audio 3,90 4,64   3,20 3,81   3,00 3,57   2,70 3,21
EF 410 Telefunken   5,50 6,55   5,00 5,95   4,40 5,24   2,90 3,45
EY 500A Ei   5,50 6,55   4,50 5,36   4,00 4,76   2,90 3,45
KF 3 Tungsram directly heated, real old vintage 8,50 10,12   7,00 8,33   6,20 7,38   5,10 6,07
PABC 80 Telefunken interesting for audio, contains one half Tele ECC83 as triode section 1,60 1,90   1,50 1,79   1,40 1,67   1,20 1,43
PC 86 Philips Holland interesting for audio 2,00 2,38   1,90 2,26   1,60 1,90   1,55 1,84
PC 88 Philips Holland interesting for audio 2,00 2,38   1,90 2,26   1,60 1,90   1,55 1,84
PCF 802 AEG / Siemens interesting for audio 2,10 2,50   2,00 2,38   1,80 2,14   1,20 1,43
PCF 803 Telefunken interesting for audio 2,10 2,50   2,00 2,38   1,80 2,14   1,20 1,43
PL 82 Telefunken interesting for audio 4,00 4,76   3,80 4,52   3,50 4,17   3,20 3,81
PY 500A Ei   3,50 4,17   3,00 3,57   2,20 2,62   1,50 1,79
QQE 03/12 Y Philips Holland nice, yet undiscovered longlife audiotube 5,50 6,55   5,00 5,95   4,60 5,47   3,90 4,64
RL2P3 Wehrmacht true Wehrmacht, potential audio type 5,00 5,95   4,20 5,00   3,90 4,64   2,90 3,45
STV 85 / 10 AEG, various 85 V voltage reference 3,90 4,64   2,00 2,38   1,80 2,14   1,00 1,19
UBL3 Siemens, Munich potentially interesting audio power tube 7,30 8,69   7,00 8,33   5,50 6,55   5,20 6,19
UCL 11 Siemens, Munich used in many old radios 13,00 15,47   11,50 13,69   9,90 11,78   8,00 9,52
VY 1 T/V/P/U   14,00 16,66   8,00 9,52   5,50 6,55   3,50 4,17
Produktbild New OPT
Long time expected: a small SE OPT with about 1W power rating to be used with
- Battery tubes: replaces the OPT in almost any battery powered radio (with SE amp)
- Small power applications, if you use high efficiency speakers and like low power amps
- Headphone amps
- or as step.up interstage, ratio 30-50
Primary 8 and 10 kOhms, 15mA max, sec. 4 and 8 ohms.
German made quality.
For details and prices see our OPT page
Produktbild Microwave feedhorn sets
For licensed amateurs who follow all rules and regulations:
Set of two feedhorns with surrounding electronics, we have absolutely no data and
information about those so this is a totally experimental project. Also nice for
teachers to show students the basics of microwave radio. Order code: AF9784, Photo similar, actual products may vary very slightly.
Price for a set of two pcs: EUR 18,- / EUR 21,42 ( excl. / incl. MWSt.)
Produktbild New grill cloths for radios.
Cloth is difficult enough as collections are subject to fashion..
We found a few very nice cloths, see our
sparepartpage for details.
New arrival: 6B4G Sylvania Power triode , NOS, former mil. stock.
Now you can build real triode amps with real western NOS tubes at a very attractive price.
Ex mil stock, individually boxed, early 1950s production
We supply the twin plate version with two internally paralleled systems having low distortion and high linearity due to.
completely parallel plates.
Tubes are being supplied with curvetraces and detailed testsheet, also paired and as quads if wanted.
New horse in the stable: The "Roetest" from Mr.Weigl.
This is a computerised precision tube analyser and measuring system allowing many different tests, curve tracing and much more.
even THD can be calculated.
We offer this as additional service at a fixed price per tube.
New High Grade film caps in the range between 1 and 10 uF. Fine selection of ratings to cover this range.
Now all ratings between 47pF and 100uF are being covered. Those are excellent caps for crossovers, PSU, bypassing, coupling etc.
Hartpapier Often sought-after: sheet-material bakelite ("Paxolin"), 1,0-10mm thickness. Standard and custom made cuts available.
Also in black lamination as ebonite-replacement.
boards and parts for the easy DIY tube projects of are available from stock.

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